fannym nakd 2HÄR / HÄR / HÄR.

fannym nakd 1HÄR / HÄR / HÄR.

Bjuder på 6 favoriter som ni hittar på NA-KD. Babe tishan och halsbanden är påväg hem till mig just nu – men hur ballt är inte det silvriga skärpet? Kan vara riktigt snyggt att ha i midjan till en oversize klänning i sommar. Vad tycker ni?

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  1. Natalia

    That moment when you don’t have a STRONG argument because you know you SUCK at blogging :)))))))) kram, min älskling ♥

  2. Natalia

    It’s so unbelievable how many pictures with strangers and food you can find on this blog! Why do you hide your face in almost all your photos / selfies? Why do you post so few pictures with YOU?
    The name of this blog should be: OtherPeople&Food.myshowroom.se NOT fannym.myshowroom.se :)))))))))) I haven’t seen such a bad blogger, it’s really unpleasant!
    I do not understand the logic: you make a lot of pictures of other people and food, except you… is your blog after all? It gets boring .. frankly! And do not use that pathetic excuse: you’re a hater! When you have around 300 likes and over 11K followers … trust me, it’s not hate! You do not do something right!
    I guess you follow known bloggers / vlogers(Tammy for example) or less known, why don’t you learn something from them? Or simpler … You have friends who do things like that (Mimmi, Isabella)… learn something from them! They are the best example of how to get from 300 likes to over 2000 likes.. You stagnated! In my life I have not seen a “so-called” blogger who does not want to evolve, who does not want to exceed its own limits… It’s such a shame! You are beautiful, you have beautiful, natural features… :)